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Customer Care

Car Repairs, Servicing, Spares, Accessories, Finance and Insurance in Limassol

If you need car repairs, servicing or spares in Limassol or if you need accessories, finance or insurance; then Sam’s Motors is the first place to come.

Members of British Forces Cyprus

Regarding local car insurance for your new, duty-free cars, please pack a ‘proof of no claims bonus’ certificate from your previous insurer in your hand luggage, not with your household effects! Also, hand-carry your UK driving licence (both card and paper), a hands-free mobile ‘phone kit and a good pair of sun glasses, even in the winter. If you have young children, bring their cot restraints and car seats with you, so that we can arrange safe fitting.

With over twenty years of car-selling experience, especially to the military, I will provide you with up-to-date and straightforward advice on the export of your vehicles after your tour. I will also abide fully by the British Forces Cyprus’ Code of Conduct.

Workers from the European Union

If you have decided to emigrate to Cyprus, say to start a new job in Limassol, rest assured that I understand the needs of expatriate workers too. Like British military visitors, civilian visitors to our island often find that it is more cost-effective to buy quality used cars from me than to rent cars locally, or to import cars from abroad. Please feel free to ask me about this important matter.

Please also feel free to contact me about vehicle finance. I can normally arrange this for my military and civilian customers.

Workers from Outside the Europeran Union

If you are coming to Cyprus from outside the European Union, I can advise you on the acceptability of your national driving licence and any need to apply for a Cyprus Driving Licence. I can direct you to specialist agents who are able to help. Driving lessons and tests are available in Limassol, of course. Ask me where to go and how to apply.
Retirees and Holiday-Home Owners

If you are planning to retire in Cyprus, or you have bought a holiday property here as an investment, I can help you buy a suitable vehicle. I have worked with thousands of ‘expats’ from all over the world. One great thing about Cyprus is the climate: not many vehicles rust here! There are few problems storing vehicles in Cyprus whilst you are overseas.


Many Limassolians upgrade their used cars at Sam’s Motors. I am especially pleased about this. The mark of a good Cyprus restaurant often, is that the locals eat there!

Knowing well the various local road conditions, as well as the national car taxes and fuel-duty arrangements, I can advise you on which type of car to buy. Some of my customers, who live in remote mountain villages, need diesel pickups or 4x4s. Others living in Limassol, who use our highways mainly, prefer sporty, petrol hatchbacks.


I can also advise you on:

  • Servicing, as well as checks on engine oil, air conditioning gases and cam belts. These are important matters in Cyprus, perhaps more so than in your home country.
  • Approved car repairs, spares and accessories, like alloy wheels, spoilers and CD players.
  • Where to buy: tyres, tyre repairs, new windscreens, windscreen repairs, exhausts, car air conditioning systems, batteries, brake pads, shock absorbers, valet services, car mats, car seat covers, sun blinds for windows, you name it!
  • How to arrange ‘MoT’ tests and wheel realignment.
  • The whereabouts of breakdown cover and towing services.
  • Local laws, e.g. regarding accident procedures.
  • Where to pay your car tax, parking tickets and speeding fines

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